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As deadlines are approaching and exam season is coming closer the content for my first few exams is all that has been on my mind. Given that I doubt that there is any way I can turn the topic of sets and limits or functions and their maxima and minima into any kind of interesting blog post, but at the same time I can't think of anything else, this week's blog post will just point towards some other interesting resources (if you just can not live without your weekly economics fix).

Of course, there are other interesting blogs such as Diane Coyle's Enlightened Economist or Noah Smith's blog (in his most recent post he talks about MMT the "new" hot topic in macroeconomics). But one resource I particularly like is Marginal Revolution University. This is a platform started by the same guys who also write the Marginal Revolution blog and provides students and anyone else interested in economics with a wide range of topics. When I first discovered the site sometime last year, most videos were on basic economics topics such as the tragedy of the commons, how taxes and subsidies work and other microeconomic concepts. But they've expanded their resource base tremendously and now even have a few videos on econometrics (I will probably check these out before my next exam) and my absolute favorite new addition: Women in Economics. The first episode was about the one woman in economics most people actually know, the only woman to ever win a Nobel Prize in economics, Elinor Ostrom. There are more videos to come and I am already excited. This type of resource reignites my interest in economics in times when my spirits are as low as the global minimum of a function (is there any better note to end on than a very bad math joke?).

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