Reasons to be Happy

As I readjust to a semester of work and recover from my panicked anticipation of assessment centres, I have decided to dedicate this post to the detailing of developments (mainly in 2018) whether this be scientific, technological, political, economic etc to brighten up your Monday morning and remind you that even when all you can see is BREXIT there is life beyond. Please feel free to add to this list in the comments as I am sure there are infinitely more things to be happy about than this limited compilation.

  • Scientists have combined 3D printing technology to print organs that replicate soft tissue organs like lungs. 3D bioprinting has significant implications for the provision of organs within operations as well as facilitating learning.
  • Early detection 'liquid biopsy' has been used to identify tumours before they become life threatening and spread.
  • Human eggs are grown in a lab by researchers at the University of Edinburgh.
  • Scientists from Harvard identify processes to prevent cell death and ageing in mice. This holds implications for further progress into researching ageing processes within humans.
  • Scientists have cloned two monkeys- some may feel this is actually something to be scared about.
  • Clean energy from natural gas may soon be a possibility. The Net Power project is aiming to create zero carbon natural gas for the same price as standard natural gas

  • You may have started to see Microsoft Artificial Intelligence advertisements before your YouTube videos. This technology developed by Alibaba and Microsoft has achieved better than average performance than human beings on writing and numerical tests.
  • MIT engineers created a computer chip which processes information similarly to the human brain.
  • Watch a robot autonomously assemble an IKEA chair.
  • Virtual Reality is more effective at making people compassionate than other media formats.
  • Robots created from DNA strands are being used to fight cancer. These robots are able to target only the cancerous cells, leaving the rest of the body unharmed.
  • 3D printing has been used to print metal, potentially altering manufacturing processes and decreasing operating costs.
  • A new smart-city scheme has been conceived in Canada; rather than creating a brand new city, investment is being pumped into an existing urban neighbourhood to rebuild it using the latest technology.
  • 'Babel Fish buds' have been created in the form of 'Pixel buds' which can translate dialogue in real time.
Check out the podcast series including former Labour leader Ed Miliband to gain insight into innovative ideas within political debates:

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