Who we are and what we want

There are blogs on the Internet like there is sand on the beach, so why should you subscribe to this one in particular? Even if you’re coincidentally not related to one of us or a close friend, and thus legally required to read or posts, you should bookmark this page.

Our intention in starting this blog was to write about the things we are passionate about (economics and politics) and share exactly that with the rest of the world. A degree in economics isn’t necessary to understand this blog (after all we don’t hold a degree (yet) either), but an interest in the field and wanting to find out how economics is virtually everywhere from the bargaining process between you and your siblings over the last cookie, to the wages your boss pays you is essential.

You can think of economics as a toolbox that can be applied to a huge range of different topics

When I first started studying economics I was skeptical about all the finance and math, but soon came to realize that it is much more than that. While economics as an academic discipline is far from perfect, it’s interesting to see how the field studies our society and has shaped our everyday lives (for better AND worse). You can think of economics as a toolbox that can be applied to a huge range of different topics which is what we will be doing in this blog.

Getting insight into economic theories and how the world works shouldn’t be restricted to those who can afford a university education, but instead available and understandable to everyone. Considering my (this far) mediocre math skills we won’t plaster you with complicated equations but try to embed what we have learned into relatable context.

If you want to learn more about how economics thinks (or maybe should think) about the society you live in, then subscribe or leave your comments and questions!

We will do our best to answer them and hope to learn something in the process, too.